#JustSittingWith: Puno Dostres

Posted on January 17, 2018

This week we are #JustSittingWith Puno Dostres, one of our favorite creatives who has made a career out of turning her visions into realities, building online communities by founding the companies ilovecreatives, People Map & Made With Map.

How often do you meditate? And how long have you been meditating for?
I try to meditate consistently, but it comes in waves. I started meditating right around when Headspace came out. A friend of mine started working there as a UX designer and I was addicted.
Do you have any tips for someone that wants to start meditating?
When you’re just starting out, do 5-10 minutes. In the beginning, you’re training yourself to let your thoughts pass. They come and then you visualize them floating away.
Do you have any rituals to help or anything that would set you into that mode?
My bed is my favorite place. Also, I love putting on a facial mask.
Oddest place you’ve meditated?
The toilet?
What have been the benefits of meditating for you?
I really like mindfully turning off. I have a pretty active mind and I need the training to turn it on and off. For me, the best ideas make their way back and are very obvious, but I need to have the rest and clear mind to execute them well.

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