Just Sit Brings You: 12 Days of Wellness Gift Guide


We know that holiday shopping can be difficult—so we’ve done some of the work for you!

Spread the gift of wellness this year with our top 12 gift picks this year.

1. Gaiam Zafu Meditation Cushion

The first few times you meditate can feel uncomfortable, but the actual practice doesn’t have to. This meditation cushion is the perfect gift for that special someone who’s just gotten into meditation, and needs some extra support to keep up the daily practice. The Zafu meditation cushion is not only extremely soft, but also relieves pressure from your knees, ankles, and back. Did we mention it also comes in two other colors?

2. Charlottes Web CBD Oil


Know someone who’s into alternative medicine? Consider picking up a bottle of Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil.  This stuff has gained lots of traction recently—and for good reason. CBD oil is the non-psychoactive compound made from cannabis plants. It doesn’t get you high, but instead provides you with a feeling of complete relaxation. CBD also offers, anxiety relief and pain relief, and on top of that—it can also help with sleep. This CBD oil comes in a range of flavors (yup, you read that right) and strengths.


3. Incense Bundle


If you’re looking for some last-minute stocking stuffers, we highly recommend getting a Palo Santo bundle! Palo Santo is native to South America, and in English, Palo Santo translates to: Holy Wood. People have been burning it for ages, and it’s believed that Palo Santo possesses both medicinal and therapeutic healing powers. We see this as a total staple for creating the perfect atmosphere for meditation, and it also might help that it clears out any negative energy, and smells great.


4. Lululemon Yoga Mat


Trying to convince a friend to get into some yoga and meditation with you? Well now, they won’t be able to say no when you suggest some downward dogs and sun salutations! We love this mat from Lululemon, which has been designed to pack a little extra cushion for the most comfortable yoga (and meditation) sessions ever.


5. Enso


For a more sentimental touch, we highly recommend Enso. Designed by Rebecca Goldman—a designer and trained yoga instructor based in San Francisco—Enso senses your heartbeat, and pulses with it in real time to center you in your body. This small pod, which fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, will help to ground you while you just sit and breathe in the most powerful way. On top of that, you can also save the heartbeat of a loved one, or share your own heartbeat, via the Enso app.


6. Healing Crystal Beginners Set



This healing crystal set is the perfect stocking stuffer if you know someone who’s interested in crystals, but doesn’t know where to start. This beginner set comes with 6 types of crystals: Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz Point, Sodalite, Green Jasper, Amethyst, and Lepidolite, plus a handy description of the metaphysical properties for each one. Crystals are the perfect tool for grounding during mediation, and will be sure to earn you some extra brownie points.


7. Just Sit Meditation Book For Beginners


It wouldn’t be the perfect gift-guide without a copy of Just Sit! We all know someone who’s been talking about getting into meditation, but just hasn’t started yet. Kick off their meditation journey with a copy of Just Sit, which provides readers with a perfect blend of information and instruction in a completely non-judgmental way. Just Sit also provides readers with an eight-week plan to help kick-start—and stay with—a daily practice, so there’s no where to go but up!


8. VITRUVI Diffuser


The holidays can create the perfect storm for stress, so that’s why diffusers are a go-to this year. Diffusers create a calming space, help to reduce stress, promote better sleep, and have actually been proven to help you breathe easier. If you have someone in your life who is into essential oils, or just needs some extra calm in their life—this is the gift for you! We love this ceramic diffuser from VITRUVI that’s been designed to last the test of time, and it of course helps that it’s pretty pleasing to look at.


9. Donors Choose 


If you’re not interested in giving material gifts this year, consider giving the gift of education with Donors Choose, which will impact the lives of others for a lifetime. With your help, this organization sponsors classrooms all over the United States who are in need of basic supplies we often take for granted. When you donate, you can choose where and what your money goes to, and can contribute by buying something seemingly basic like packs of crayons, or provide a field trip for an entire classroom.


10. Five Minute Journal


We’re big advocates of taking time to breathe, reflect and slow down. The Five Minute Journal is the perfect tool to do that, and a great gift for getting into journaling. Throughout the journal, you’ll discover writing prompts, fill-in-the-blanks, and motivational quotes that are sure to turn any day—especially crappy ones—into great ones.


11. Illuminated Tarot Card Set


You may have seen a version of these cards in passing at a party, or even on social media as the practice of tarot-reading has gained immense popularity. Believed to have psychic abilities, tarot cards are pretty much the ‘storybook’ of our lives. This is a great gift for that person in your life who is into the metaphysical world, or just needs some life guidance/extra-good juju! This beautiful set is by Caitlin Keegan, and comes with a guidebook to aid in your tarot enlightenment journey.


12. Dry Brush


Did someone say self-care? Although dry brushes may not seem that special, their health benefits may seriously shock you. If you have someone in your life who needs a little extra self care, add this dry brush to your list. Dry brushing offers a million health benefits: sheds dead skin cells, improves circulation and lymphatic drainage and rejuvenates the nervous system. We could go on, but if that hasn’t convinced you, were not sure what else will!